invivo industrial design delivers innovative solutions for international clients in research, ideation, construction and modelmaking for industrial- and consumer goods.
We have deep experiences in conception, creation, engineering and design strategy and are strong partners in bringing your products successfully into production and markets.

invivo industrial design 2017, Dennis Becker, Christoph Wiehle
founder and CEO Dennis Becker | founder and CEO Christoph Wiehle

Our studio was founded in 2003 in Stuttgart. We called ourselves invivo industrial design because we develop products that are tools „in the living“ everyday life. We just knew it was time to put our ideas into practice and we felt like it was the right time making our own decisions about the adventure design.
The adventure became a success story, from the beginning we were able to work with well-known brands.
In 2009, we wanted to evolve and reinvent invivo industrial design in Berlin. We opened a larger studio in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, gained new resources and customers. In 2014 we moved to our inspiring coach house in Weissensee. It is important to us that we remain curious. We are like Berlin: versatile and always good for a surprise.

team work

In the design process, we are contentious personalities, so we develop in the discourse well thought-out and mature solutions.
We are a well-rehearsed team that benefits from its contrasts and we all
have a high demand on our work. 


We like the connection to non-thematic objects and allow ourselves to be inspired by the diversity. That may be history, impressions of travel or the design of non-thematic products. But also craftsmanship traditions inspire us. Nature is also an important source of inspiration for us. We love to be outside. In return, creative arts such as photography and music also influence us.